Tools: Adobe Photoshop
Development Time: 1.5 hours
UCSD Extended Studies Adobe Creative Cloud Assignment
Project Description: This project required using layers and masks to emphasize color on a black and white background. Additionally, the use of color corrections tools (Dodge and Burn tools) emphasize light and shadow in the image. The bottom image is the original that I took while attending Disneyland California Adventure's Lunar New Year parade.

Tools: Adobe Creative Studio & Adobe Photoshop
Development Time: 3 hours
Client: KKOOM Non-Profit Organization (
Project Description: Utilize graphic design skills to create social-media images as part of a fundraising campaign. Thanks to social media and email, KKOOM successfully raised $2K to fund a wheelchair for children with cerebral palsy. 

Tools: Canva
Development Time: 2 hours
Project Description: Equity and equality are often misused as synonyms. Companies and organizations looking to increase equitable practices need to understand the difference. With the use of imagery, as well as a familiar concept/metaphor, people are better equipped to understand the difference between equity and equality. 

Tools: Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop
Development Time: 2.5 hours
Project Description: Developing these images allowed me time to further hone my Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop skills. Images like these might be used by a restaurant or a travel agency promoting menu items or travel.

Tools: Adobe Illustrator
Development Time: 25 minutes
Project Description: This image is a result of a task which involved: 
1) Finding images of a diverse workforce that can be used in HR/L&D training materials 
2) Ensuring proper adherence to copyright laws and licensure permissions
2) Customizing the image to fit a particular color palette set by the corporation
Equitable representation is a must for materials developed in the HR/L&D space. Research shows that if an employee feels "seen and heard" by their place of work, they are more likely to stay and be loyal to the company. This results in lower turnover and an inclusive work culture.

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